Real Estate Law Jamaica
Real Estate Law Jamaica
Why should a client choose Jamaica?

Why should a client choose Jamaica?

What's Great About Montego Bay

The North Coast

The South Coast

Why Jamaica?

”Jamaica has great weather, easy access with two international airports and culturally the island has a lot of interesting things to offer. Additionally, there is so much diversity in the terrain from the homes in the hills, to the beaches, the rivers; you won't find this in Barbados or Antigua. What's more is that Jamaica offers great value for money when you are looking to buy a luxury home compared to other islands and property taxes are relatively low” say Nicola Delapenha of Coldwell Bankers.

“I don't think that there is any other island in the Caribbean that offers the variety of landscape, the cross section of natural beauty and has as rich a culture and as interesting people as we have in Jamaica” says Sandy Tatham of Coldwell Bankers.

What’s great about Montego Bay?

Montego Bay has undergone a transformation in recent years with a number of developments that will help position Jamaica's second-largest city as one of the most dynamic and attractive in the Caribbean, not just as a tourism hub, but as a centre of business, commerce and technology.

Its Infrastructure
At the heart of Montego Bay's allure is its infrastructure, with privately-managed state-of the art Sangster International Airport receiving about 70% of international arrivals into the island. “With peak utilization concentrated on weekends, Sangster is well positioned to meet an increase in demand by business travelers,” says operator MBJ Airports chief executive Fernando Bosque, who noted it could easily double or triple capacity were demand more evenly spread throughout the week. Bosque noted that airlift from Montego Bay to major hubs in the US and Europe is a crucial factor positioning the city for growth as a business centre, while the generous stock of hotel rooms in the airport's immediate vicinity makes Montego Bay practical as a destination for meetings and events.

Its Amenities
Rose Hall Developments chairman Michele Rollins has been investing in the city alongside her late husband John Rollins for nearly half a century, and is more bullish than ever on its prospects. She points to the increase in middle income housing in the immediate vicinity, new shopping centres at Rose Hall, Whitter Village, five top-notch golf courses in the area, a vibrant yacht club, Hospiten's recent acquisition of Mobay Hope Medical Centre and planned hospital, and the of the construction off the fabulous convention centre as further rounding out the city's attractiveness. 'People are finding they don't want to spend just a few weeks here, but instead spend the whole winter,' she said.

The Development of the North Coast
There are a fabulous collection of properties along the northern western coast with affordable prices, low taxes and unrestricted foreign ownership, this area of Jamaica (also knows as Jamaica’s Gold Coast) has been attracting residential and commercial investors for years.

The North Coast has boomed in development in the nineties and twenties the list goes on and on. Here are a few:-
1. Miramar – Spring Gardens St. James – Apartments
2. The Shores – Gill Drive, Ironshore , Montego Bay – Apartments ranging in price from US$160,000.00 up.
3. D’Washington – Ironshore Montego Bay.
4. Claude Ville Condos – Claude Clarke Ave, Montego Bay.
5. The Riviera – Bogue, Montego Bay
6. Tryall Club Properties – Hanover,
7. Round Hill Villas – Hanover,
8. Silver Sands
9. Whispering Seas – St. Ann
10. Golden Eye – Oracabessa – These range from US$1,150,000.00 – US$2,750,000.00
11. Freeport 22-Montego Freeport, St. James
12. Montego Bay Club Apartments - Highrise Condos opposite the world famous Drs Cave Beach
13. Palmyra Resort & Spa at Rosehall -
Click to view the Palmyra Video 
14. Rosehall Properties - /
15. Mango Walk Country Club -
16. Rose Vale, Spot Valley - Phases 1 & 11- Phone 876-979-8713 -
17. Caribbean Homes - / /
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The South Coast
Although there is still plenty of opportunity for investment along the Gold Coast, Jamaica’s south coast offers a slightly different vibe with all of the same benefits, and more recently has really started to prove itself as a major area of interest in the real estate market.

Around the western tip of Jamaica, and just about an hour’s drive from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Negril is without a doubt one of Jamaica’s most active and hip cities. Touting what many consider the island’s most beautiful sunsets, Negril rests along a 7 mile stretch of western facing white sand beaches and is known to attract large numbers of tourists during peak season. Although some try to stay away from the tourist scene, others recognize the benefits of living in such an area which include but are not limited to the ample amount of nearby restaurants, cafes, and interesting attractions. Those looking to purchase a home in or around Negril will never have to worry that there is nothing to do for their kids and visitors!

One of the most intriguing Negril area developments currently under construction has to be the Little Bay Country Club. Currently being developed just minutes up the road from Hotel Riu, this 171 residence gated community doesn’t cut any corners. With a private beach, swimming pool, 24 hour security, a club house, and even an on property commissary, this soon to be completed development will offer everything you could possibly need to comfortably and leisurely retire in Jamaica. Those looking for something a little more relaxed and away from the well know Jamaican tourist scene might find what they are looking for in the Savanna la Mar or Bluefields Bay areas of Jamaica’s Wesmoreland parish. Although just a slightly further drive from Montego Bay than Negril, these two locales both generally have a slightly more completive price point than the north coast and Negril. Although admittedly a little farther away from the more major attractions, both Savanna la Mar and Bluefields Bay are well known for their sunsets, pristine waters, and agricultural communities. They are also both home to numerous already developed residential communities as well as the future site of quite a few planned developments. The Palms Jamaica is a great option for those looking to settle down in the Savanna la Mar area. This gated residential community is comprised of 67 lots, but has less than 40 lots remaining for sale, and touts itself as being Westmoreland’s first truly gated community. With undeveloped lots ranging in size from approximately 10,000 sq ft to over 20,000 sq ft, the Jamaican retirement house of your dream could easily be built at this well planned development.

If seclusion and price point are more important to you than major airport and restaurant proximity, you might consider exploring the real estate market in Jamaica’s St. Elizabeth parish. Home to towns such a Black River and Treasure Beach, many are placing their bets on St. Elizabeth growing to become Jamaica’s next hot place to be! Whether it is the areas more traditional Jamaican feel, the unique attractions such as Floyd’s Pelican Bar and YS Falls, or simply the way the locals treat you and make you feel, St. Elizabeth has a truly unique sentiment. Although still easily within driving distance to Montego Bay, or even Kinston’s Norman Manley International Airport, St. Elizabeth is home to the Lionel Densham Aerodrome. This means even though you might be farther away from the two major airports, getting to them quickly if need be is no problem.

With 20 acre properties being offered for under US$400,000, St. Elizabeth is a great area for those looking to have a sizable piece of land to build their dream home on. Towns such as Lacovia offer seclusion, ample land, and even fun attractions like the Lacovia Zoo and Bamboo Alley.

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