Why choose Jamaica?

Trip Advisor has this to say: “There is no other island in the Caribbean that can compare!” … and has ranked Jamaica as the #1 Caribbean destination and the #14 Best Destination in the World 2019.

Dr. Rafael Echevarne, CEO of MBJ (Montego Bay Jamaica) Airports, in expressing his pleasure, at the ceremony, in his company’s being chosen AGAIN as winner of the World Travel Awards Caribbean Gala said, “ … Jamaica is proving to be the Caribbean’s leading tourism destination …”

And from two of the top Real Estate Agents in Jamaica …

”Jamaica has great weather, easy access with two international airports and culturally the island has a lot of interesting things to offer. Additionally, there is so much diversity in the terrain from the homes in the hills, to the beaches, the rivers; you won’t find this in Barbados or Antigua. What’s more is that Jamaica offers great value for money when you are looking to buy a luxury home compared to other islands … and property taxes are relatively low” says Nicola Delapenha of Coldwell Bankers.

“I don’t think that there is any other island in the Caribbean that offers the variety of landscape, the cross section of natural beauty and has as rich a culture and as interesting people as we have in Jamaica” says Sandy Tatham of Coldwell Bankers.

The Jamaican Real Estate market is very strong and continuously growing. There are great opportunities for both overseas investors and residents, for both first time local buyers and those foreigners looking for vacation homes who dominate the high-end market.

Whatever your needs, you can be certain that JACQUELINE HAMILTON will make the purchase an easy and truly rewarding experience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What’s great about Montego Bay? …and the North Coast?

Montego Bay will soon be home to a world class Closed Harbour Beach Park, a multi-purpose state-of-the-art park which will spur further long-term upgrading and development of the city.

This public coastal park system will feature children’s play areas, food and shopping.

Further East lies the capital city of Kingston with its abundant possibilities for business and commerce as well as being a center for sports, the arts and culture. Kingston boasts many beautiful new residential developments … villas, condos, townhouses and apartments… perfect for residents as well as overseas investors. The city is growing and the opportunities are worth exploring.